Since it is 100 degrees outside, I decided to come to Commissary Coffee in Indianapolis, which is pretty much my second home, and I got to thinking about the creative community within cities and how important it is to have like minded individuals coming together to create something amazing. Yeah, it’s possible for individuals by themselves to create something amazing, but don’t you agree that putting more into a project with more thoughts, opinions, and ideas can create something greater and possibly make more of an impact, depending on who the content is for and the purpose behind it? As a creative, I have been in numerous occasions, especially video, where I could have used 1 or 2 more people there during the creative process to help with ideas to make the content more appealing to the viewer or just help with providing opinions on the type of angles to get, audio, etc. Basically what I am trying to say is no matter what you believe, as a creator, as an individual human being, it’s damn near impossible to do everything alone and achieve greatness. Everything we do, create, believe, and strive to achieve has been impacted by someone or something. Having inspirational people in our life or people with the same goals and aspirations will only benefit you, your work, your life, and those individuals you work with.

Now, I know some people may disagree and that’s perfectly fine, but I truly believe that community is key and working together with other creatives within your community will greatly benefit all parties involved. In some ways, it could help you, as well as others, achieve their goals of being a creative full time, which who wouldn’t want that right? Be your own boss and create your own schedule? Um….yes please! So with that being said, I want to challenge you. I want you to reach out to 1, 2, heck maybe even 5 people and get together to discuss creating something, whether it be art work, a photo, a movie, etc. Collaborate with each other and I can guarantee you the end result will be nothing less than epic. Be sure to tag me on IG, email me, etc and let me know what you came up with!