What is Photography to Me?

To me, photography is more than a still image representing a moment in time, it is a part of who I am. Each image I take, share, print, etc is an image that portrays a part of my personality, my vision, and my dreams. I shoot a lot of different styles of photography and in a way that makes my vision different. I can walk around the city and photograph people, architecture, cityscapes, etc, all day long, but what do those images represent? Yeah, they might look cool and sell prints, but out of 500 or so photos I might only actually connect with 1 - 2 images. Why? Simple. When I take most photos, I am looking to capture a story, especially when shooting street. This does not always happen, but it is my goal. Telling a story with photos helps the audience think, question, and quite possibly feel the emotions that are being represented in the photo. So in essence, photography is more than a hobby or a way to keep myself “busy.” It is my passion, my way of escape, and my way to share my views with the world through my lens.